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Hello and welcome to the new  Coffee Grinder website. Yes, I know, I know it’s been long time coming but finally we pushed ourselves in 2014. We listened to your requests and besides the cool new look we have built in a blog so our community can create cross promotions and they can market themselves and at the same time let our customers know what is going on at The Grinder. If you are a local DJ or an artist at the Grinder, or you are simply part of our Coffee Grinder community we would like you to be part of this blog.

If you are interested to blog here, send the note to Omar at “omakad (at) gmail (dot) com” along with some info about yourself and the reason you’d like to blog with us. We’ll create you a login so you can make your own posts via popular WordPress blogging platform.


Grinder Vibe – From EU Jacksonville

Slavisa Micukic is from Bosnia of which he says, “In my culture, we never had to-go cups. There is more of a social element to coffee.” Although to-go cups are plentiful at our coffee shop, they have managed to keep that social element that their owner is so found of.

“It is not a European coffeehouse, it is universal,” Slavisa said. As important as the rapport with the regulars, live music, and brilliant art around the ship is, the coffee makes a statement of its own. Their beans all come from CBI in Portland, Oregon, Except for their espresso blend of which they use Lavazza.

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Art in Review

It’s not what you paint, but how you paint. That might be the motto of Amer Kobaslija, a young artist from Bosnia who has a recent M.F.A. degree from Montclair State University. Mr. Kobaslija makes paintings of his studio, a small, windowless, white-walled room of the sort commonly provided to graduate students by state universities. Working on panels joined into diptychs or triptychs measuring up to 7 feet by 12 feet, he paints intensely realistic, exhaustively detailed pictures of the room and its contents as if viewed from a corner near the ceiling.

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